Workshop | March 6, 2019

Ask the Experts | Excerpts - Running

Ask the Experts | Excerpts

As the race season in Ahmedabad is almost over, we invited fellow runners and endurance sports enthusiasts for a panel discussion, ‘Ask the Experts - What’s Next?’ with our mentors and leading athletes from Ahmedabad.

  • Yagnesh Ahir - Professional Cyclist and a Founder - Amdavad Crankmeisters
  • Priyanka Dalal - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Performance Coach
  • Hemal Shah - Ultramarathon and Trail Marathon Runner
  • Kavita Shah - Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor, National level Swimmer, and an Avid runner
  • Khushboo Bajaj - Marathon Runner and a Certified Diet and Nutrition Specialist
Hemal Shah

Hemal Shah, a mentor on-board at 42.1 and an Ultramarathon and Trail Marathon Runner answered participants questions on ‘Running.’

Q: What are the gears, regular runners must have?

HS: A runner should invest in a good pair of shoes, and it is highly imperative that one knows their ‘foot type.’ Shoes should have proper cushioning to provide you with all the necessary comfort and reducing the impact while running.

Q: Tips for the beginners

HS: If you have just started running then avoid marathons (and half marathons) as it may impact your knee.

Q: What is advisable; Running on Roads OR a Treadmill?

HS: In all, Running is essential to be it on the roads or a treadmill! Both have their pros and cons. One should use a treadmill when they have a time crunch or are speed training. Running on roads will help build resistance and provide fresh air.

While running on a treadmill, it is advised to keep an ‘incline’ to get a little bit of resistance and a feel of a road. If one is planning to run over 10km, then it’s always advised running on the roads.

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