Workshop | March 6, 2019

Ask the Experts | Excerpts - Performance & Conditioning

Ask the Experts | Excerpts

As the race season in Ahmedabad is almost over, we invited fellow runners and endurance sports enthusiasts for a panel discussion, ‘Ask the Experts - What’s Next?’ with our mentors and leading athletes from Ahmedabad.

  • Yagnesh Ahir - Professional Cyclist and a Founder - Amdavad Crankmeisters
  • Priyanka Dalal - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Performance Coach
  • Hemal Shah - Ultramarathon and Trail Marathon Runner
  • Kavita Shah - Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor, National level Swimmer, and an Avid runner
  • Khushboo Bajaj - Marathon Runner and a Certified Diet and Nutrition Specialist
Priyanka Dalal

Priyanka Dalal, a mentor on-board at 42.1, India’s Former Number 1 Speed Skater and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist answered our attendees’ questions on ‘Strength Training’ and Techniques to get started and, keep fit!

Q: What is the importance of ‘Strength Training’ in an athlete’s life?

PD: Strength Training is highly essential for athletes to improve their endurance. Athletes should incorporate strength training in their daily regime to give stability to their legs and glutes.

Q: What are the other elements that, one should keep in mind while training or preparing for various kind of races?

PD: Mental strength is an integral aspect of strength training. Athletes should pay attention to their mind and keep themselves motivated. Interim setbacks or smaller hurdles shouldn’t affect their motivation to achieve bigger goals.

Q: What are some popular forms of cross-training?

PD: Swimming is an excellent form of cross-training. Even for runners or cyclists, swimming provides a holistic way of cross-training. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise and helps athletes in building aerobic endurance for extended sports such as; running. A lot of runners prefer ‘cycling’ as their way to cross-train.

Q: Tips for the beginners

PD: If you’re starting any sport or activity, 15-20 mins of workout session is a must to avoid any injuries or stiffness. Before running a race, an amateur athlete gives nine months to learn the right technique, adopt the proper diet and nutrition and three months of rigorous training.

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