The idea began as an alternative to regular meals/thalis available in Ahmedabad, and the unavailability of good salads that use fresh produce. Freshness is not tricky, it just needs commitment, and Terra is committed to providing freshness in every meal. Terra produces cold pressed juices, fresh smoothies, and green salads with the best ingredients available in India as well as a gourmet sandwich range and soon to introduce freshly brewed coffee. The goal with Terra is to be better, fresher and more vibrant than any restaurant in Gujarat. We are genuinely dedicated to providing our customers with high quality and tasty food, and we do not cut corners to achieve that. We create recipes that are healthy, appealing, delicious, and pocket-friendly for the new age millennials.

According to a survey conducted in 2017, Gujarat has 2 of India’s unhealthiest cities, i.e. Ahmedabad and Vadodara, aptly narrating the eating habits of the state. Although a small percentage of the population has become aware of the health risks associated with a typical Gujarati diet, there is still a lack of education and resources for people to integrate authentically healthy food into their diet. Because of this, a lot of places branding themselves as a ‘healthy’ alternative have opened to take advantage of the lack of awareness. This has also increased the popularity of Subway in the state due to the perception of freshness and healthiness.

We feel, it’s high time, Terra introduce themselves into Ahmedabad’s mainstream dining scene; We believe that providing wholesome, natural, & tasty food is a right for every customer who wishes to dine out. Apart from having the first-mover advantage in Gujarat, our goal is to be the benchmark when it comes to providing a wholesome dining experience, focusing on high-quality ingredients and producing delicious and nutritious food.

Apart from having standalone stores, we also believe in collaborations, and 42.1 is the perfect fit concerning Terra's values and goals. While everyone looks at building brands, 42.1 focuses on building a community which will help and engage people with their interest in athletics, nutrition, and good quality food. Terra is glad to be part of this fantastic initiative and contribute to its success.