Running | March 8, 2019

Reasons Women Should Run!

A list of reasons why running is important.

Running is fun, and the benefits of running are known to all, but this women’s day I want something more from fellow women athletes. Ladies let’s pledge ourselves to make it a way of life.

The journey of pursuing my real passion - running hasn’t been an easy one! Running has changed me as a person, and with every race, I am learning something new. Apart from helping me stay fit, running has helped me become a more successful professional and more importantly a better human being. Here are my reasons to continue to run and why I think all women should run:

Helps to Stay Fit

Running is perhaps the easiest and most effective way of aerobic exercise. Planned running accompanied by a proper diet plan can help women burn a lot of calories and manage their weight better.

Moreover, unlike the popular myth, running is great for our joints, including the knees, and helps avoid arthritis in the later years. Findings from a study on the effects of running on the knees suggest that a single half-hour session of running changes the interior of the knee, reducing inflammation and lessening levels of a marker of arthritis.

I have personally seen my lower back ache vanish since I started to pursue long-distance running. So many of my friends have attributed numerous benefits such as; improved metabolism, more strength, decrease in sugar levels and even increase in their confidence levels to running.

Helps to Have a Healthy Heart

A recent study by a renowned magazine stated that “Running helps women in increasing their HDL level significantly." It’s also a known fact that running helps one reduces their stress and manage blood pressure levels.

To Start Running is Easy

Nowadays, there are so many high-tech gears that would make running more fun. However, all you need, to start running, is a comfortable pair of shoes. It couldn’t be simpler! Everyone knows how to run. No skills to master, no gadget/equipment to buy – get out and run.

Helps to Get ‘Social’

Running provides us an opportunity to meet new like-minded people, make new friends and learn from their experiences. There are lots of running groups in the city that you can join; you can go with a friend or a family member.

I would encourage each one of you to become a member at 42.1. The 42.1 community is a great way to catch up with friends and fellow athletes over a great conversation and delicious, healthy food. This way you run, make new friends and have an active social life too!

Makes you Disciplined

To advance in career and work you require discipline. Running is considered to motivate you and needs a lot of self-discipline. It is all up to you and your will power. Setting a routine and following it strictly can train you to set goals, focus your mental and emotional energies, work hard and strive for the best in every domain of your life. Reaching the end goal is a good habit to have in the workplace. Be it completing projects or achieving the target, running makes you self-disciplined.

A lot of my working friends have shared their feedback that ‘Running’ has helped them immensely in their professional life by making them more focused, disciplined and goal oriented. Running can enhance our mental and emotional well-being; thus, help us get more creative at work and push us in going that extra mile in your career.

Me Time

With all of us playing multiple roles in our lives, and responsibilities and expectations that keep us occupied through the day, Running provides us with an opportunity to have our ‘Me Time.’ Running ensures that everything stays balanced in the rest of our life.

I can go on and on in listing reasons and benefits of running, however, will park that for some other day. For now, Good Luck, Good Health and Happy Running! And Yes,

Here’s to Us - Fierce, Fabulous and Unstoppable - Happy Women’s Day!

Khushboo Bajaj is a Mother, a Working Professional, and a Triathlete. After being a high-intensity short distance runner for a while, she started running Marathons from 2015. She ran the recently concluded International Triathlon Championship and came second in the women’s category. Khushboo is also a Certified Nutritionist and guides our members and fellow athletes on long-distance running and nutrition.

She says, “I have learned a lot while training for endurance sports and I look forward to continuing learning through my association with 42.1.”

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