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Open on weekends only, for now, Meal-a-Mile serves food (designed by TERRA) that is sensitive to the needs of endurance enthusiasts or anyone looking to make their day a bit healthier and a lot brighter.

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Be it beginners OR seasoned athletes looking to improve their record, Huddle is the bridge to bring everyone into an impactful endurance athletes community through highly engaging workshops, meet-ups, and consultation.

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Find the best running and sports gear endorsed
and curated by our mentors.

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why 42.1?

Dec 11, 2018

Pain is temporary, suffering is optional, quitting lasts forever. I never fully understood the meaning of this old saying until I started running a few years ago. For the most part of my life I have followed some form of fitness or sport. However, running simply happened to me. And what’s more - very soon in my running regimen I realized it was so much more than fitness. It was meditational, medicinal almost.

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